Complete Powered Paragliding Course


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This course is designed to teach you to fly a powered paraglider safely. We will give you the skills and the knowledge to be able to fly your Paramotor with confidence. This course is by appointment only. You can take the course by yourself or bring a friend (discounts available). No more than three students at a time.

This course starts in the morning near sunrise, and can go all the way to sunset depending on the weather. we will break during the day because the winds are usually too high to kite. This will give you a chance to rest or take care of other business. If we get a rain day, we will work inside the classroom.

In this course will study weather, aviation sectional charts, FAR 103 (the rules we fly under), and a viewing and discussion of the Risk and Reward video. Practice harnesses are provided during training but purchase is recommended for continuing improvement at home of ground handling skills without the motor. We provide communication helmets and radios during your solo flights here during training and offer these helmets for sale as well. To take this course it is recommended you have your own equipment, but we can make arrangements to use ours for additional cost. This course is the complete motorized training course. Everyone progresses at a different rate. We will move forward at your pace, so you are able to flying safely.

Allow 4-5 days for this complete course.


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