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If You’re here looking at this website for the first time, it’s probably because you want to learn more about Powered paragliding (AKA PPG or Paramotor). Maybe you’ve dreamed of being able to fly your own aircraft one day. Now you can, and you’ve come to the right place.

The cost of owning a plane is ridiculous, not to mention the hanger fees, annuals and everything else. One of the greatest advantages of flying powered paragliders is they are so transportable. You can put them in the back of your truck or car, and take them with you. Most people store the paramotors in their garage or garden shed. Maintenance is easy and inexpensive as well. Most people are even able to do their own repairs, and we can help.

I don’t know any other form of aviation that you can get into for under $10,000.

We are located in central Minnesota providing sales, service, and training for powered paragliding | paramotor | PPG | powered parachute pilots and students. Central Minnesota is a wonderful place for PPG pilots to fly. We have a vast area of uncontrolled airspace, beautiful landscapes and tons of wildlife. We are partnered with Skycruiser Mfg., the largest manufacture of PPG’s in the United States, so we have the ability to provided state of the art equipment and accessories for powered paragliding at the lowest possible price. Together we have over 20 years of experience in ultralight aviation.

Customer service is our number one priority. Weather you are considering to become a pilot, or have been flying for years we want to be your preferred connection to the powered paragliding world.

We take great pride in being able to enjoy this sport which is why we are supporters of the USPPA. Paramotor Central is a USPPA “approved” school. Our instructors hold “Instructor” and “Tandem Instructor” ratings.

USSPA states and we agree; “New pilots should not buy gear from manufacturers that have no dealer network or products that you can go see flying in the field! They frequently use questionable business tactics and sell completely inappropriate gear. The most common method is using E-Bay or web sites to snag the uninformed. If they cannot have you go to a school and see their gear being taught on, beware. Also, not all instructors will train on all equipment, find an instructor first!!!”

We welcome anybody to post their photos/videos for other to enjoy in on our News page.

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